Strawberry Picking

Any of y’all who know me in “real life,” know that I love strawberries. Now, all of you who only know me from blogland also know that I love strawberries, because I’m telling you. ;-) There’s just something about going out, picking them yourself, and even taste testing a few that were sun-ripened and still warm. So delicious! I’m convinced that they taste sweeter when they’re still warm from the sun, because, yes, I admit it, after they are home I love sugar on my strawberries. ;-)

We picked so many! (You’ll see just how many a few pictures down)

I love that red. I want a car that color. :-)

Ripeness status: getting there…

Little itty-bitty ones

Down one of many rows at the farm

The art of strawberry buds

Yep, just about perfection itself  ^

See, I told you that we picked a lot! Seven buckets worth, and then we put them in the pans so they wouldn’t fall all over the car.

Love it!


Lots of Changes

I just wanted to let you know that if you come check out my blog at any given time over the next few days, it may look very different than the last time you checked. I am trying to make my blog “pretty,” but I’m not all that good at the whole designing-with-wordpress thing. Well, all I can do is all I can do, so that’s what I’m going to do. ;-)  Hopefully it won’t be long before I can satisfy myself, and start devoting my blog time to actual blogging! :-)

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

My Mom and Dad, Marsha and Tony, celebrated their twenty-third wedding anniversary yesterday (May 6th)!  We all (yes, the five of us included) went on a little trip to celebrate!  I took a bunch of pictures, so I’ll have to post some of them soon. :-)

We love you, Mom and Dad, and thank you for the example you are setting for all of us in striving to live marriage out the way God intended it to be!