Traveling…a lot!

Hey Y’all! I know it’s been almost a month since I last posted, but I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve just been super busy! :-) (Which works out, because now I have SO much to blog about!)


Recently my family and I have taken several long and not-so-long trips, and this was the first one, in early September!


The first place that we stayed on this trip was beautiful! It was a cabin in the mountains, in Asheville, North Carolina.


Our first destination was the Biltmore House, which I’ll post pictures of next! :-D


Isn’t it lovely? The cabin was literally on a little hill, surrounded by mountains! These pictures were all taken from the front and back porches.


I took about six hundred pictures while we were gone on the first trip (which was nine days), so I’m having to weed out a lot of them, so that I don’t bore all of you to tears, haha. ;-)

TravellingLike I said, I’ve got lots to post about now, with all our traveling! The Biltmore House, Nashville, the Creation Museum, a bluegrass festival…tons of stuff! Make sure you check back: I’ll do each “topic” as a separate post. :-)

#100waysiamblessed Instagram Challenge Days 99-100

Weeee maaadddeeee itttttt!!!! :-D

Maiya at Blessings, Bliss, and BedlamĀ asked me several months ago to join her on a journey of gratefulness. How long? 100 days. Where? On Instagram. How? Take a picture for each day, showing a way that you have been blessed.

instagram challenge

I was all in, and now, after 100 days, posting a picture for each day, we have completed our task!

I discovered along the way that faith, family, friends and, well, food (haha :-P) make up most of my life, along with a good helping of music! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m a very blessed girl, and it’s good to have reminders like this. You know, to find the good in every day, and be grateful for it! :-)

Day 99. (Actually, I missed Sunday, so this is a Monday morning picture in honor of Sunday, haha.) Rainy day! Makes for a dark house, a much-appreciated cooler temperature, and a neat picture. :-)

Day 100. We were chosen, before the foundation of the world, to be adopted as God’s children. His Son died so that we might gain His imputed righteousness…if we will take it! It is a gift, and nothing that we can do will make us worthy of God’s love and forgiveness! We must take it freely, as it is given, and strive to live a life pleasing to Him, not to gain our salvation, because we can’t, but as proof to the world that God has changed us! We are filthy sinners, and we have been given eternal life with the Lord, if we but accept His gift! That, my friend, is the highest, deepest blessing.


I want to thank all of you who have followed along with Maiya and me! If you missed any, here are my blog posts that I did throughout the challenge!

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#100waysiamblessed Instagram Challenge Days 92-98

instagram challenge

Fourteen weeks of our Instagram challenge are over…the very last full week! Two more days, and we’re done! Not done being thankful and remembering how we’ve been blessed, just done posting a picture every day to show it, perhaps. ;-) Although, it is starting to become a habit, lol.

Alright, on to my pictures, and go check out Maiya’s too!

Day 92. Laura gave me this super cute Olaf shirt! She knows me so well… ;-) And she left her trademark, pink sparkles, haha.

Day 93. First time attempting to make guacamole…it was good too!

Day 94. Steak and potato dinner at Lonestar! Steak makes me happy, lol.

Day 95. Put new strings on my banjo, getting ready for two students to start lessons! I’ve never taught banjo before, so this will be a learning experience for me too! :-)

Day 96. My friend Hannah had a great friends-of-employees coupon for Yankee Candle that she let me use too, and so I got really good discounts, like getting 60% off the jar candle…it’s usually $27.99, and I got it for $11.20!

Day 97. Yep, that’s me, on stage, at a bluegrass festival, with a band that I have loved forĀ years! I had the privilege of being asked to play guitar on one of the songs (they were missing two band members…), and it was the highlight of my day! It was awesome! :-D Oh, and the song was “Shenandoah Breakdown,” if you’re curious. :-)

Day 98. Today is Maiya’s birthday!!! :-D She is the one who came up with the idea of our 100 day challenge, and I have loved doing it with her!


Monday will be day 100! I think, instead of waiting until Saturday, Maiya and I are going to try to do a final recap post on Wednesday…make sure you check back then, and thanks for reading! :-)