#100waysiamblessed Instagram Challenge Days 92-98

Fourteen weeks of our Instagram challenge are over…the very last full week! Two more days, and we’re done! Not done being thankful and remembering how we’ve been blessed, just done posting a picture every day to show it, perhaps. ;-) … Continue reading

#100waysiamblessed Instagram Challenge Days 43-49

I can’t believe it! Tomorrow Maiya and I will reach the half way mark for our Instagram Challenge! The first seven weeks are already over! I’m going to call this seventh week “birthday week,” because, well, it’s when my birthday was, … Continue reading

A Visit to Colonial Williamsburg

Sunday before last was Dad’s birthday! We decided to do something a little out-of-the-ordinary, and take a trip to Colonial Williamsburg! :-) Now, this year was all mixed up: November 11th is supposed to be Veterans’ Day, so Dad’s birthday … Continue reading