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Hey everyone! I’m excited today to be participating in a link up party! (My first…yay!) I was asked by Libby if I wanted to be part of one that she was hosting, and wear skirts for a week, take pictures, and then post them all on the same day as the other participants. My answer was yes! So, here goes, and I hope you enjoy!

A big thank you to my sister Colleen for taking the pictures!


Day one, Monday, May 5th

day 1, pic 1

On Mondays I have a couple piano students, so I try to wear nice, but still casual clothes. This outfit fits that description in my opinion. :-)

Shirt: Target, clearance

Tank: Target

Skirt: Made by me with material from a friend

Shoes: Don’t remember…Payless?

Jewelry: Mostly gifts

day 1, pic 2

Day two, Tuesday, May 6th

day 2, pic 1

Camouflage! Mossy Oak, to be exact. (Y’all knew that was comin’ though…) ;-)

Shirt: Walmart (I don’t often buy clothes at Walmart, but when I found a women’s Mossy Oak shirt that didn’t have any pink in it, I had to get it!)

Skirt: Thrift store

Shoes: Target

Jewelry: Made by me, except the rings. The necklace and earrings are Remington shotgun shells! (If you like them, check out my Etsy shop, CamoAndCountry!)

day 2, pic 2


Day three, Wednesday, May 7th
day 3, pic 1

I just recently got these earrings and I love them! I used the Target Cartwheel app and got them clearance plus a discount from the app!

Shirt: Thrift store

Tank: Thrift store

Skirt: Thrift store

Shoes: Target

Jewelry: Mostly gifts

day 3, pic 2


Day four, Thursday, May 8th

day 4, pic 1

Okay, so you will have to forgive me, but these pictures were actually taken on Friday instead of Thursday… I was gone all day Thursday (it’s my biggest day for teaching, and I was also with Grandma), and so by the time I got home it was dark! I really didn’t want indoor pictures if I could help it, so I put the same outfit on the next day just for the pictures, and then put on my real Friday outfit. ;-)

Shirt: Thrift store

Tank: Thrift store

Skirt: Thrift store

Shoes: Same as Monday, not sure where I got ’em

Jewelry: Mostly gifts. The bracelet I bought clearance at Cracker Barrel!

day 4, pic 2


Day five, Friday, May 9th

day 5, pic 1

On Friday it was hot and I was going to be outside A LOT, and doing some things that I would normally not do in a skirt, so I decided to wear this one, which is actually a skort! You’ll notice that it’s also the only day that I’m not wearing a watch. Normally, I wear one because I always want to know what time it is, especially when I have to go somewhere (I hate being late!), or I need to know for my lessons. But that day I didn’t have any students, I was outside, and I can’t stand watch tans. :-P

Shirt (black): Either Walmart or Target, I think

Shirt (blue): Thrift store

Skort: Walmart

Shoes: Target

Jewelry: Mostly gifts

day 5, pic 2


Day six, Saturday, May 10th

day 6, pic 1

This shirt is one that I altered, because after I got it (at a thrift store) I really couldn’t stand the way it was. I ended up putting in the “layer” at the neck (so I don’t have to actually layer), and adding the buttons for decorations. On the sleeves I did a loop-through-loop design (you know, like those potholders every girl in America has made, haha), and then secured the end around another button.

Shirt: Thrift store, then altered

Skirt: Thrift store

Shoes: Target (Yes, I know you’ve seen the flip flops a lot already, but it’s getting hot…otherwise I’d wear my cowgirl boots!)

Jewelry: Bracelet made by me, the rest mostly gifts

day 6, pic 2


Day seven, Sunday, May 11th…Mother’s Day!

day 7, pic 1

I must admit, I was rather hard pressed to choose this outfit. I would usually wear a dress instead of a skirt for a “fancier” day – like a holiday – at church. But this was a week in skirts. ;-) I knew that I was hoping to wear these shoes (yay polka dots!), but I’m afraid the outfit was still too “wintery looking.” Note to self: get some more colorful, non-denim, nice skirts! Oh well, at least the shirt was relatively bright. :-)

Shirt: Walmart (don’t you just love lace shirts?)

Skirt: Thrift store

Shoes: Payless, clearance I think

Jewelry: mostly gifts, yet again ;-) Don’t I have great friends and family???

day 7, pic 2

So what did you think? :-)

I wear skirts probably 95% of the time, so wearing a skirt all week wasn’t really a challenge for me. ;-) I also love jewelry, so – ask anyone who knows me – I pretty much always look like I do in these pictures…you basically got a glimpse into my everyday life. :-)


Now, this is a link up partyso obviously I’m not the only one who did it! (Parties of one don’t exist in my extroverted brain, lol.) Go check out the other posts by these girls! :-)

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A Week in Skirts Link Up Party! — 17 Comments

  1. very pretty outfits!!! :) and a very beautiful girl too!!! :)
    Only you would wear jewelry to work outside in the yard! lol ;)

    • Aww, thanks Laura! :-) Haha, I wasn’t doing yard work, but I have been known to wear jewelry even at times that others wouldn’t… :-P

  2. Hi Caroline! Great photos! I love all your denim skirts, but I especially like your Tuesday outfit. I love camo, and I have that same exact skirt!
    Love your handmade jewelry, too!


    • Thanks Abi! I got them at Payless! Two of my friends have them in green and coral, and my sister has a white pair! (But hers don’t have the dots.) :-)

  3. Awesome post, Caroline :) I loved your outfits and I especially loved that you made the skirt in the first picture!!!

    Your sister did a great job on the pictures :)

    Thanks a bunch for joining in- Hope you have a beautiful day!

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